Scores Reformed Testimonials


I just received your material …… It seems to be a very nice edition for which I want to congratulate you. Thank you and bravo!

Valérie Boulva – Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo

I must congratulate Steven and Ann of Scores Reformed. At numerous times they have been able to make a brand new edition at our request and sell it for half the price of a single performance of an old out-of-copyright rental material.We also got pdf-files (no need to scan parts anymore to send them to freelancers), and .xml-files to use on tablets. The speed at which they engrave new editions is beyond me.

Emmanuel Sproelants – Librarian – Brussels Philharmonic

We appreciate the services of Scores Reformed. We have ordered new material which was only for rental elsewhere and they completely reset the score and parts for us. They also found the misprints in the original score and corrected them. The layout was perfect : good font, contrast, turns,… . The paper has the correct dimensions and is of good quality. The best thing about working with Score Reformed is the personal contact . We can ask them for more “details”, and the specific demands of our musicians and these are immediately accommodated.. We keep in touch before and after the printing. It’s a big “plus” compared with other publishers!

Ann-France Massaut – Bibliothécaire – Orchestre Philharmonic de Liege

Everything looks beautiful – miles better than the other available copy

Katie Klich – Orchestral Librarian, Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, PhoenixUSA

As an amateur orchestral player, it’s heartening to know that there are people out there with your
attitude to music production. Some of the things I’ve seen over the last couple of years..! There’s
not much one can do about it, either as a player or as a librarian, so what you’re doing is much
appreciated. It’s great, also, to know that as a librarian I can give feedback!

Emma Syrus – Music LibraryRoyal Opera HouseCovent GardenLondon, UK